Since its beginnings, competitions have played a key role for Dürig AG: they have not only been the basis for building contracts, but simultaneously act, both nationally and internationally, as the motor and the outlet for the office’s creative potential.


With its projects Dürig AG occupies an architectural niche. Its main emphasis lies in civic, public and infrastructure designs, often involving unusual architectural assignments or programmes. This includes, for instance:



"....It needs a certain scale for City and Building to engage playfully with each other..."

Moreover, they serve to free the office from everyday constraints and allow it to continuously re-evaluate its position.


- A school resting on top of bus depot (SA Wetzikon Schellerareal – Schellerstrasse Bus Depot and School);


- A house as a town for 1000 student residential units, winching up over nine storeys in the form of an inclined street ramp to a shared-use roof (Vortex, Chavannes-près-Renens).



- The entire reorganisation of Zurich main railway station with the design of a four-track underground station and the over 9-kilometre-long Durchmesserlinie (DML) / cross-city rail link (Löwenstrasse through station and DML 2–4, 2014);

- The design concept for a whole new city (New Administrative City / Korea, 2005); or


Nevertheless, the strategies employed respond with pronounced and radical forms, sharpening the legibility of the concept.






Dürig AG is involved in the search for overarching correlations on large scales. In this process form is understood as an operational stimulus to society, a building or the urban fabric.

The aim is a consistent and idealistic stance, investing the concept with an intended robustness with which to weather the complex forces that might otherwise threaten to rupture it. The result is a generosity and simplicity with what is often an emblematic character.