ca. 2 000 pages

monolithic block:


22cm x 26cm x ca. 8cm

94 closer presented projects of a selection of 264 projects:

81 national &

international competitions;

12 realized buildings &

small projects of diverse scales

plan collection as a vessel,

typological comparisons,

2 550 selected plans

of 4 625 drawings:

650 Grundrisse

1 050 facades

850 sections,

all in

scale 1:2000

all plans

in common


1:30 000, 1:10 000, 1:5000


1:1000 und 1:2000

(building scale)

different depth of


partly description of development&

adaption processes;

Architecture, a transparent

formation process

Compendium for diverse use:

flip through, browse

or Schmökern

aswell as for deeper studies

it opens different

views on the same content:


a book not only for

architects, but for

designers, artists, Grafiker,

filmmakers, book designers,

researchers or other Creatives

Jean-Pierre Dürig



Dürig, Architect

Dürig & Rämi, Architects

Dürig & Rämi AG

Dürig AG, since 2003

Urs Sutter

author & designer